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Born Talent- The Essence [CD]
Born Talent- The Essence [CD]
Born Talent- BAD SIDE [Vinyl]
Born Talent- BRAGGIN [CD/Vinyl]

Born Talent

Born Talent is a versatile battle MC, with ill punchlines and amazing off-the-head freestyle skills. Aside from being an MC, he is also the host of The 54 Side show on

Born Talent dropped his first official release on vinyl in 1998 with the group Constellation (B.T., Jay Love and DJ Mugzy). The 12" included the joints "Water World", "Tagz Up" and B.T.'s solo joint "For All The Heads". The record got love from such DJ's as DJ Premier, Pete Rock and Marley Marl, DJ Spinna, DJ RIZ and many college radio shows, and when the group opened for Camp-Lo at Penn State University, they stole the show.

B.T. has performed at Penn State University, Fordham University, Iona College, the world famous CBGB's, Nuyorican Cafe, Planet 28, Downtime, Club 169, Club Pyramid, Tramps, Wetlands, Underscore, Wild Spirits, Opus Entertainment and many other spots. Talent has rhymed, cyphered and battled with many of underground hip-hops greatest MC's.

Born Talent spent a good amount of time on the "Battle Circuit" and was the "Soundminds Mic CLASH MC Battle Champion" and also retired himself as "The Last Word" MC Battle Champion, after over a year of holding the title undefeated.

In 2002, Born Talent released his first solo 12" single entitled "Braggin" b/w "Underground Tribute pt 1" and "Avids Affection". All tracks on the 12" were produced by the Avid Record Collector. The song "Braggin" is also featured on the Ill Boogie records compilation entitled "Independents Finest Volume 3". Available on CD in stores everywhere.

Although Born Talent strayed away from the battle scene, and fully dedicated his time towards completing his full length album "The Essence", B.T. was selected by VH1 in 2005 as a finalist for the illest Freestyle MC in the "Freestyle 59" competition.

In early 2007, Born Talent released a 12" single which included 4 songs, in anticipation of his upcoming album. The single "BAD SIDE" a/w "THIS IS FOR", "SUGAR FREE f/ Lupita", and "FUTURE" got great reviews and whole lot of air play. Each song brings something different to the table, and with the combination of Talent's flow, remarkable lyrics, hidden meanings with word play, and The Avid Record Collectors neck jerking beats.

In 2008, Born Talent finally released his first solo LP entitled "The Essence". The album features production from The Avid Record Collector, DJ Reflection, and special guest appearances by Torae, Rise, and Lupita.

In 2019, Born Talent released a project entitled "The Golden CD". A first of it's kind, this Musical Treasure hunt is an album in which the lyrics can help you to create a treasure map to find "The Golden CD" and claim a reward.

In 2021, Born Talent has officially released a project entitled "For My Listening Pleasure". The album features production from The Avid Record Collector, Ichabod Crates, and a special guest appearance by Jay Love.


Official Relases on Vinyl and CD

1998- Constellation EP (Born Talent, Jay Love, & DJ Mugzy)- “Water World”, “Tagz Up”,
         “For All The Heads”-   Golden Apple Records
2002- Born Talent- “Braggin” b/w “Underground Tribute” -   54 Side Records
2002- Independents Finest Vol. 3- “Braggin” –   Ill Boogie Records
2006- Born Talent- “Bad Side” b/w “This is For”, “Sugar Free f/ Lupita”, “Future”- 54 Side Records
2008- Born Talent- "The Essence" LP - 54 Side Records
2012- Born Talent- "Bubble Gum Rappers" b/w "Fo Real" - 54 Side Records
2019- Born Talent- "The Golden CD" - 54 Side Records
2021- Born Talent- "For My Listening Pleasure" LP - 54 Side Records

Collaboration Appearances Official Relases on Vinyl and CD

2007- The Good People f/ Born Talent- “Lovin Today” - Long Time Coming
2009- Rise & The Avid f/ Born Talent, Celph Titled, Jay Love “Ain't Nothin -Remix" 54 Side Records
2009- Rise & The Avid f/ Born Talent, Wordsworth, & BK Cyph “Make Room" 54 Side Records
2010- James Digger f/ Born Talent “In A Day" Baby Traxx Records
2012- VR f/ Born Talent- "Aggravated" - Dope Shit Records
2012- VR f/ Born Talent, Rustee Juxxe, INF- "Dope Shit" - Dope Shit Records
2009- Tone Spliff f/ Born Talent- "Respect Is Due" - Mind Write Records
2016- Tone Spliff f/ Born Talent- "You Don't Impress Me" - Mind Write Records
2018- Tone Spliff f/ Born Talent & ED O.G- "Appreciation" - Mind Write Records
2021- Ol' Dayz f/ Born Talent- "Be That Way" - Kick The Snare Records

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